Music Supervisor
Conditions of Use
CSS Music will open a  Zero Fee Music™ internet portal specifically for you from which you can access our entire catalogue of music cues under the following conditions:
(A) You will provide the Producers with a copy of our standard Synchronization/Master Use License for them to complete and sign; and
(B) After you have chosen music from our catalogue you will provide the producers with an accurate description of each Composition used, type of use and the duration of its use, in order for them to accurately complete their music cue sheet, a copy of which information you shall email to CSS Music upon completion.
If you agree to these conditions, please fill  out your company information below and select “I Agree” to print a copy of our standard Zero Fee Music synchronization / master use license agreement.
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Yes, I Agree with the Conditions of Use
If you have any question about how the Zero Fee Music Program can work for you
Call (866) 840-3788 or (800) 468-6874